Grown the Right Way.

At Amara Mushrooms we are passionate about producing food which benefits community, economy and environment. 

In today's climate of industrial organics, misleading marketing claims, and complex supply chains, it can be difficult to distinguish between good, honest and responsible food and those just claiming to be.

That is why we have a policy of complete transparency. Because you, as the consumer, should have the right to know exactly what is in the food you prepare for you and your family. It is also what inspired us to peruse direct to consumer marketing. By cutting out the middle men, you deal directly with us, the farmer. There are no trade secrets when it comes to how we grow your food, nor should there be. This is the standard we set for our business and it is from this baseline that we can truly begin to build trust between the consumer and the origins of our food. 

By taking advantage of a circular economy, low tech cultivation techniques and  local supply chains, we are able to offer you great tasting gourmet mushrooms that are healthier, more affordable and have a lighter environmental footprint than other commercial mushroom farms.

We believe in living food, as close to its natural state as possible. That is why we grow our mushrooms with fresh UV filtered rainwater, fresh air and sunlight. Depending on species of mushroom, we use either local straw or local sawdust for our substrates. These are pasteurized, not sterilized and are all sourced from within the Great Southern and Southwest regions. The species of mushrooms we grow are extremely nutrient dense when compared to supermarket varieties and have been found to have many therapeutic benefits. 

When it comes to doing business, we are of the view that environmental sustainability should not be a secondary concern. This is a virtue in every aspect of our farm, whether it be our commitment to zero waste, reducing energy consumption, or choosing to be 100% single use plastic free in both production and product packaging. 

Our aim is to constantly develop new and innovative prototypes to enhance local food production. Integrating farming with healthy ecosystems to produce clean nutrient dense food, while also creating employment opportunities for young people in regional communities.

For more information about how to order or any questions about our farm or growing practices, please feel free to contact us.