Sustainably grown, Artisinally crafted.

Excellence in gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

Denmark, Western Australia

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100% Grown in Denmark, Western Australia

Fresh air, natural sunlight, UV filtered rainwater,  locally
sourced substrates, no  single use plastics.

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The Abundance Superfood 

Hiratake mushrooms are packed with beneficial active compounds and nutirents for a healthier you.

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Grown the right way

We aim to benefit the wider community by producing food that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

Our Mission Statement

Learn about the process

Delve into the world of mycology at Amara Mushrooms. Fresh UV filtered rainwater, natural sunlight and clean local inputs.

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A Myraid of health benefits 

Hiratake mushrooms have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Packed with nutrients & bio-active compounds.

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"To innovate and facilitate the development of socially, environmentally, and economically enhanced local food production ."

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Hiratake Mushroom Powder 95g 


Made from 100% Australian grown fruit body. Handpicked fresh, Dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. Perfect for adding a delectible unami flavour and nutrition boost to soups, sauces, marinades and gravies.

Dried Hiratake Mushrooms

From $26.75

A fabulous addition to pastas, curries or rissotos. Tender and chewy in texture, they boast a mild umami flavor, subtle sweetness, and delicate, earthy taste. 

Hiratake Mushroom Salt (coming soon!)


Artisinal pink Himalayan rock salt with 100% Australian grown hiratake mushroom and a dash of smoked paprika. A delightfully rich seasoning with a full bodied unami flavour.